Friday, June 22, 2007

I started telling stories to her.

The act of dictating has reminded me of something important.

Have always considered myself a storyteller, I wonder if this event in my past helps explain why.

I recall when I was very young someone at the school I attended noticed I had a very large vocabulary for my age so for short time I was given special "one on one" attention with a wonderful young teacher who let me dictate stories to her. She would type the short little tales up in either an effort to teach me to read the words that seemed so over ambitious coming from a young boys mouth or perhaps it was just to document that I a was somehow different. Thinking back, I wish I could recall more about her and why she took the time to do that. But for what ever reason it was done, it was one of the first times I can recall feeling special and feeling smart, I remember her as being full of praise, and that was a very rare commodity in my childhood.

I find myself hoping that she is well and happy and wishing that I could thank her.

But then of course, she probably never existed.

Type what I mean, not what I say.

This blog will also give me a reason to do something have wanted to do for a long time which is learn how to use, and train a voice recognition system.

As much as the spoken word is always been my friend, the written word has always been my enemy. I don't want to reveal too much about myself in such a public forum but I think most people that know me are aware that I have what are known currently as "learning differences". So as smart as I hope I am, I have always had trouble with things like typing. My head has always been filled with wonderful ideas, but my hands were never capable of transcribing them. In some ways it's a very cruel joke, to be given talents in an area and not given the means to express those talents. Like having perfect pitch and a musical mind, but hands to weak to play an instrument or a voice to corse to sing.

I've always gotten by, using tricks and methods that have learned to overcome my deficiencies, but the idea of sitting down and writing even a short story has always been daunting. The mechanics of it are unfortunately beyond me. So I've patiently waited in hopes that at some point like it has so many times before, technology would allow me to do something that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do. Let me just say that up to this point, that wait has been very disappointing. But it is time to try again. I've purchased the current version of the iListen software and have dictated this article so far using that system looking back over the text I find myself thinking that this blog may not get too far... looks like I have a lot of correcting to do.

I leave it to you to decide if any of this post is the truth.

The initial lie

Well, it had to happen at some point, I must admit have avoided it for quite some time but at long last.. I have begun a personal blog.

I don't quite remember how the title came about, but I know was discussion with my wife Katy. Somehow the idea came up that I should create a blog that consisted completely of fabrications. I still like that idea quite a bit so I think the concept of this blog will be that I will occasionally tell the truth but just as often, I will make something completely up. Maybe tell fun little stories that have no basis in reality. So in a way it could be condidered a game. You will be left to decide what is true and what is a boondogle.

I could say it will be fun for everyone but mostly it will just be fun to me.