Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dad Notes #2. iPad apps for clever 6-8 year olds.

I get asked now and then, what kid apps are good for iPad? It's a tough question! There is so much crud on the App Store! But also, there are so many really great apps... The problem is that it is time consuming and confusing to separate the junk from the gems... Since I spent a lot of time doing just that, I thought I would post a list of some favorites in hopes of saving others a little time. This is in no way the complete list, I will likely need to do a part two.

Physics apps
Simple Physics
Simple Rockets*
Simple Planes
Monster Physics*

Build Machine/circuit apps
The Everything Machine by Tinybop

Science apps
Beaker by THIX*
Space by THIX
Chemist by THIX
The Elements*
The Elements in action
Bobo explores light
Universal Zoom*
The Human Body by Tinybop
Color Vacuum
Elevation Earth
The Earth Tinybop
Earth Primer

Programming apps
Robot School. Programming for Kids
Scratch Jr.

Geography apps
Barefoot World Atlas
Earth 3D Amazing Atlas*
Earth Primer
The Earth by Tinybop
Straight Ahead*

Interesting Logic Puzzle Apps
Magic Egg*
Liquid sketch*
Pettson's Inventions

American Presidents for iPad*

Visually Inspiring apps
Pollock's Theater*
Starry Night interactive animation*
Monument Valley*

Slice Fractions*

Fingerlab Musyc

Classic kids
Aesop's Wheel of Fables*
Whitman's Mother Goose

Mostly for fun
Little Things Forever
Petting Zoo
Bad Piggies
Trick Shot
Dream Machine
Leonardo's Cat
Odd Bot Out

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why I'm Angry At Us...

(I wrote this in the weeks after the election and never posted it…Maybe I thought it was too inflammatory or that I was being unfair. in review I don’t see much wrong with it. it was how I felt.)

People have turned the country I love into a joke and in many cases, it was because of a single issue that people had blown out of proportion in their minds to the point that it frightened them into acting irresponsibly. I understand wanting to tear down the establishment, I have wanted real change for longer than most, but I strongly feel that people who voted for this administration used a very inappropriate tool. Like using a rusty crowbar to remove a few bad teeth in an otherwise healthy mouth.

I understand the disenfranchised people who saw a continuation of the status quo as unacceptable. I sympathize, but I can not believe that he is the person to fix it.

I understand the people who feel the democrats cheated and robbed Sanders of the nomination. Again, I did not care for that one bit. My support for Sanders is a matter of public record. Even at a time when I was avoiding discussing politics, I broke my silence and shared my joy of having a candidate that spoke of many of the same things I had wanted for so long (often feeling very alone back in the days when no one else even considered such things aloud). So yes losing him was bad for me. But how is it worth putting our trust in a blatant liar and con man? A man whose own words should have disqualified him hundreds of times from consideration.

The “tone” of Trump, (currently president-elect) over the length of the campaign has unquestionably emboldened people with hate in their hearts, and they are out there now, doing real damage to the security and peace we have built. How is it that I'M the one that's now supposed to be calm!? People are suggesting people like me should be quiet and let the process happen, I agree to a point. I will try not to engage in pointless obstruction like I have seen people do with our last president, I will try not to spread misinformation like I have seen people willfully do with our last president. I will, however, engage in honest and well-considered efforts to prevent his administration from changing my America into something unrecognizable and I will fight the idea that his demeanor and way of dealing with problems sets a standard for us as a nation.

I have always done my best to respect the office of the president, (even George W.) but now because of hot button issues and selfish interests, I am now be expected to swallow my pride and show respect to such an openly self-absorbed, insensitive, and outright villainous person? No... I’m sorry, resistance is the only patriotic path acceptable.