Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Pad Computer Gets VOIP

OK so this is weird... I can download an application to my "phone" that lets me make calls over the internet bypassing the people I buy phone service from!

Meet the Skype iPhone client! (iTunes store link... while there be sure to buy a copy of this jewel.)

A year ago, I would not have thought that skype would have been allowed into the app store in ANY form, ever... but it happened. The fact that AT&T managed to keep the calls off G3 is only the spasm of a dying business model in my opinion. (You need to make Skype calls from a wifi connection) They see the writing on the wall, Apple has changed the game and that thing in your hand is not just a phone... With growing dexterity, its whatever you need it to be at the moment. In the near future AT&T will mostly get their money, from selling you the connection you need to make that "anything device" work. Phone service? Text Messaging? Say those phrases over and over and they start to sound really old and silly, like something a guy in a fedora would be trying to sell you door to door.