Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dr. Henry Killinger Costume

Dr. Henry Killinger

Dr. Henry Killinger

I know there are flaws... try to see past them and consider this my Dr. Henry Killinger 1.0 costume.... That is If I ever do him again. I tend to only do a costume once. : ) If I had had time to do the slippers... trust me I would have. heh 

As far as Venture Brothers costumes go... I think I did OK.  : )

Oh... full disclosure, I did cheat the eyes in LightRoom, I didn't have time to rig anything up to get "real" glowing eyes. I throw myself on the mercy of the interwebs. : )

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Synchronicity Regarding Cute Ancient Fictitious Evil

Has an ancient evil been unleashed in my waking dreams?

OK, so I love juxtiposition... and I also love instances of synchronicity, so therefore I must post about this. Yesterday I was chatting with my good friend Leslie (wave) and we were discussing Kappa. A mythic colon eating creature reviled but also seemingly adored in Japan. (Full Kappa post soon I promise...) and I mentioned that they even have cute plush toys of the beast for kids. This lead her to mention The plush Cthulhu dolls that you can buy, I mentioned that I thought that was not quite the same because those are meant to be ironic and it is unlikely that they are often actually given to children.

Fast forward....

Today I see that another friend, Angela had joined a group that supports Cthulhu For President! (quite amusing stuff) Oooooo spooky. But it gets moore interesting. I follow some of the humorous links associated with that "movement" and find this.....

So, it would seem something strange IS afoot! Be sure to vote. hehe.

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