Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dad Notes #2. iPad apps for clever 6-8 year olds.

I get asked now and then, what kid apps are good for iPad? It's a tough question! There is so much crud on the App Store! But also, there are so many really great apps... The problem is that it is time consuming and confusing to separate the junk from the gems... Since I spent a lot of time doing just that, I thought I would post a list of some favorites in hopes of saving others a little time. This is in no way the complete list, I will likely need to do a part two.

Physics apps
Simple Physics
Simple Rockets*
Simple Planes
Monster Physics*

Build Machine/circuit apps
The Everything Machine by Tinybop

Science apps
Beaker by THIX*
Space by THIX
Chemist by THIX
The Elements*
The Elements in action
Bobo explores light
Universal Zoom*
The Human Body by Tinybop
Color Vacuum
Elevation Earth
The Earth Tinybop
Earth Primer

Programming apps
Robot School. Programming for Kids
Scratch Jr.

Geography apps
Barefoot World Atlas
Earth 3D Amazing Atlas*
Earth Primer
The Earth by Tinybop
Straight Ahead*

Interesting Logic Puzzle Apps
Magic Egg*
Liquid sketch*
Pettson's Inventions

American Presidents for iPad*

Visually Inspiring apps
Pollock's Theater*
Starry Night interactive animation*
Monument Valley*

Slice Fractions*

Fingerlab Musyc

Classic kids
Aesop's Wheel of Fables*
Whitman's Mother Goose

Mostly for fun
Little Things Forever
Petting Zoo
Bad Piggies
Trick Shot
Dream Machine
Leonardo's Cat
Odd Bot Out