Tuesday, March 24, 2009

140? Why so many... Pft.

This animation comes close to my feelings on twitter... Its really damn funny, Check it out!

I mostly tweet about the futility of tweeting.

The video takes some funny jabs at tweeting, but it misses a big one in my book. I am most annoyed by the fact that twitter sets the new standard of "important thoughts" at 140 characters. I find it nearly impossible to convey all the information necessary to complete a statement in a 140 character "tweet". Take the post I made this morning.

"The moby wrap still works really well to put Jamieson to sleep but unfortunatly its just too hot for he and I to use for very long now."

Now that note is missing some key information! I think Jamieson has inherited my "warm blooded" nature and he seems to get warm fast, and I would also have liked to include the time of year that we are having to stop using it and that we could have used the wrap year round in some place other than the dreaded Texas. Someone reading this out of context might simply think I don't like the something about the Moby wrap... but the opposite is true, I love the thing and I am sad that I have to put it away due to the place I live.

So the choice is to leave out detail or use a Tarzan like shorthand.

"Moby wrap good for putting Jamieson to sleep, but its too hot for us to use for long. March + Texas + Warm baby wraped on warm daddy = bad" (138 ugh)

Honestly, I think that the idea that most thoughts can be fully formed in 140 characters brings us one step closer to ushering in an era of sub verbal grunt based communication.

Get ready.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I remember these!

They came on right after the smurfs, but it only lasted for like one season.

Just kidding... Its a parody, add it to the collection with Watchnuts and Watchmen babies. : )

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Unimplemented t-shirt idea #482

I have wanted to design a t-shirt for many years that reads... "I used to be angst ridden, now I'm just curmudgeonly."

Maybe if I wore t-shirts I would be more inspired to actually get them made when I have ideas for them...