Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Insane Venture Brothers Predictions

Well, It all fell into place last night... I watched the new venture Brothers online and my fun/crazy theories seem to have more weight today than they did before...

If you haven't seen it because you still watch "TV" then there are spoilers ahead.... *****SPOILER ALERT*****

A few weeks back I told a my wife that I though Henchman #21 was secretly a super scientist... Now I am almost sure of it, or at least I am sure I WANT it to be true. Some major events happened in the season finale and I will cover how I think they will effect the show.. Read on...My wacky ideas will be revealed. Who knows by posting this at adult swim a while ago maybe I just contributed major plot points to the next season! Who would ever know? They could just say "Yeah man, you sure called it!" Ah the internet...

Venture Brother Season Finale Ramifications and Fun Time Speculation:

1. The clones were mentioned as being "illegal" I don't think Rusty will be allowed to start up that process again, he is now under scrutiny for such activity. Also keep in mind the time frame needed to develop the slugs... he had a "stash" of Hank and Dean clone slugs, one would assume it took years to grow the slugs to maturity in the clone farm... Why else would he keep so many? They are gone. The boys are mortal.

2. Brock IS actualy quitting, he needs to get away, He is missing something from the relationship with the ventures. When he has been saying stuff like "we arent a family" I think he really feels that way, but its not because of the boys. I do think he cares for them... Its Rusty. He is sick of Rusty's crap and the fact that he saves his ass on a daily basis and gets no respect for doing it. Rusty needs to redeem himself to Brock for him to come back. They need to admit that they are friends and work on a new relationship from there. If Brock comes back he should not be merely a body guard but a partial partner in venture industries. (with a osi mission and license)

I think Rusty will have to realize and admit that he needs and even loves Brock, he will have to admit that he wants him as a permanent member of the family and I also think he will have to prove this to Brock by using his skill (maybe even going beyond what he his normally capable of) and saving Brock from some peril in the same way Brock has always saved him.

3. Yes, I think they killed 24... and for good reason. Drama. We like these guys, hell we LOVE these guys! Because they represent us in a way. But what better way to bring us INTO the story than to give us something to fight for.

******Wild speculation for fun begins here********
For a long time now I have had a pet theory about #21 that I will now share for the first time publicly... I think he is secretly a super scientist! The best part is that he himself is not aware of it. You know how he is always saying "HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!" I think its because he was the one (working alongside Dr. Girlfriend) who reverse engineered the stolen technology from sergeant hatred and also created many original technologies, but the Monarch erases his memory regarding these projects on a regular basis to keep him under control. Only the Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend knows that he is a savant. The only give him access to the tools and technology that spur his talents as needed. Am I insane? Yes... but I like to think I am a fun kinda crazy. And it would explain a LOT. He is always talking about how he worked on this or that but didn't know about all its features, also his physical condition doesn't seem like it would be tolerated unless he had something else to contribute. Also, his crush on Dr. Girlfriend may play into this... perhaps thats part of the way they get him to do what they want and those two would have had to work closely together... even if he doesn't recall WHY he loves her it could be because he has spent a lot of time with her.

Now with that in mind... I think the death of #24 is the catalyst for a rebirth of #21! I think with nothing to ground him he falls into himself and becomes something darker, maybe something even dangerous. I think he begins a quest to resurrect #24! He KNOWS that Hank and Dean "cant die" and he has seen the army of clone slugs. So maybe he strikes out on his own and attempts to get Rusty to clone #24, perhaps by force. Maybe along the way he realizes that he is every bit as smart as Rusty and can do it himself if he just steals the money/equipment he needs. At some point maybe he even gets visited by Dr. Henry Killinger and a new villain is born. All this would put him in conflict with Rusty, Brock, JJ (he needs to steal stuff from spider skull), and even the Monarch as he realizes how he has been manipulated all these years!

It could even return to the status quo after... because once #24 is alive again, he will be happy and want to be placated. He never wanted to be the hard ass. He was just doing what he had to do to save his friend.

Hows that for wacky!

One person on the Adult Swim boards read my post and remind me that he has been talking about becoming "The Viceroy" for a long time, He seemed to think my theories might fit with this. : ) Fun stuff indeed.

Who wouldn't want to see a trimmed down 21 fighting for the life of his only true friend, seen by the world as a villain but on the most noble of quests, willing to do almost whatever it takes to bring... him... back... and maybe even bringing Brock to his knees if he were unlucky enough to get in his way. Can they stop him? Should they stop him? Will 24 be 24?... or some horrible 24 like, thing!

Hell thats the friggin VB movie right there if you ask me!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The cloud still sucks damp wind... here is why.

This is from the Digg FAQ:
"I don't see my comment. Where did it go?"
"Also, when a spammer is banned from Digg or a spam/abusive comment is removed from a story, all replies to that comment are also removed as they clutter the comments of that story and confuse users."


This is the suggestion email I just sent them which explains what happened to me and why the fluffy clouds cant be trusted...

Well, I was farming my comments for my blog and recalled this great little bit I had punched up about why yung-uns should pick up and read Allan Moore and Frank Miller. Ya know, trying to pass on some of my fading cool before the *cough* old *cough* ticker *cough* gives out... : ) (I'm not really old but hanging out on Digg sometimes makes you feel like an old man!)

So I click on it in my history and even though I only posted the comment like 2 days ago I got a "echo" message... I don't like to loose ideas, so I have spent quite a while trying to find a way to recover my words.

No such luck... I just think thats sorta brutal guys. I didn't break the TOS... I don't care if my comments are "grayed out" or "redacted" somehow. But often times they apply to the whole thread and this persons comment, in this thread at least, was simple and non offensive.

I picked it to respond to because it was representative of the typical person in the thread! So when his account got pulled my participation in the thread died along with it, even though he was only a sounding board for what I wanted to say to all the people like him that may read my post.

Plus, I dont see why I can't see my own words in my history... I can see the first part of it, so I assume it still exists in a data base.

Sorry to be bothersome. I just really hate loosing something I have written, it bothers me in ways it may be difficult for others to understand... I had gotten to the point were I trusted digg to use it for input and now I see I will need to reinsert an extra step and go back to using a text editor and save everything to the hard drive... what a pain.

Please consider changing these things in the future.


*update Aug 27 2008:

More sucking wind

I just lost 5 more very impassioned comments about artists rights and poor attitudes that people that engage in file sharing have for he craft of creating. It was good stuff and I think it may have even made a few people see the issue from a different perspective. Not many artists/musicians are rich and those people are also effected by the diminishing respect for art.

But since I made these wonderfully worded arguments as responses to posts in a thread of someone who was about to be banned from Digg... they are all now GONE. Man I hate this. I have sent them another suggestion email.

Digg Staff,
Several of my responses to a recent discussion on file sharing have vanished, I assume because the person who posted the comment I was responding to got banned and had all their threads deleted for all history.

In this discussion I contributed 7 controversial comments that all remained positive in popularity I like to think because even though they went against conventional thinking... they made sense and got people thinking in different directions... well all that is gone now. Well, 2 remain. Ugh.

Can't there be a better solution than the "Brutal History Erase Button"?

Please at lease consider giving us access to our OWN history so at least the cloud has some use as a place to collect personal ideas as you engage in conversation with others.

You may still see Digg as a fun site with no real important mission... but whether or not you planed it, a lot social ideas and information is being exchanged here. I am not sure it should be poofed so casually.

Thank you,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I should always be quiet when people around me start talking about music.

Other people still see the creation or music as a healthy and positive thing... I need to remember this.

Some things that kill a conversation:

People don't want to know the depth of the rot in the industry and they don't want to know about all the heartbreak I have witnessed as people who have worked like mad, driven, creatures and sacrificed so much "made it" only to have all that work and time stolen from them because the record companies could make a few more dollars if they "adjusted the lineup" in the band even if it meant replacing founding members.

People don't want to hear that "popular music" is all still horribly broken and that almost everything about it is basically a lie. A magic trick that has been growing in size and scale year after year and that they are the patsy. We used to laugh about The Monkeys... They seem honest now... like quaint folksy media pioneers, at least they were funny and they got Jimmy Hendix open for them and had Tim Buckley on their show singing Song To The Siren as if to whisper..."Hey kids, here is the REAL stuff... don't tell your folks!"

No one wants to think about the fact that their favorite singer may not be able to sing that well... or that they don't need to have the talent any more, real time pitch correction makes it possible to give the modestly talented a live mic if you are feeling brave.

Its not A good move to mention that many music acts are only partially responsible for their own sound... talented producers often shape them dramatically into the finished product you eventually hear.

Here is a social tip, Since most musical acts are not that original and can be traced back to someone they where trying to emulate... don't ever point this out to the person who likes that band, they will hate you for it, even if you honestly think they might enjoy the music of the first band... I mean, clearly their heroes were fans of the earlier band... why wouldn't they want to check them out? : P

Never talk about how making music is "serious" for you. People don't want to think of music that way. It is supposed to be fun and joyous even though most rock is about alienation and anger, somehow making it is supposed to be about having a good time... weird. I know very few musicians who are "happy" most are poor as crap and are wishing for something better... I guess thats all part of the illusion (lie).

All of this leads me to the point of this post...

Even though you would imagine I would be pretty good at it... This is why I don't want to play Rock Band with you when you ask,

It's a lie.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Leslie Lee Appreciation Week Grand Finale!

I have uploaded all of the remaining photography I wanted to share of Leslie from over the years...


It includes a ton of interesting stuff... for those of us that think Leslie is "interesting" that is.


But really how can you argue that point!?


So thats all I have, add more if you like, we can keep the group up. I will thin my stuff out eventually to a handful of picks, so grab your faves soon!

I hope everyone had fun, and most of all I hope Leslie had fun with it.

Click below to view the group.
Leslie Lee Appreciation Week 08 Group