Monday, November 30, 2009

Technology Run Amok!

Actually it is kinda cool... It would have been cooler used in a Laurie Anderson show though. heh.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Questions on symmetry and the Alhambra

I wanted to jot down some notes about something I want to teach Jamieson someday and I am too tired to do the research right now... I worked all night and need to nap while I can so I can take care of him when he wakes up shortly so I am posting my questions/notes here for "future Doc" to remember and answer.

Who Was the scientist that described Symmetry?

How many total symmetries are there?

Did the moorish artists find all the possible Symmetries?

When was it built?

Did the Alhambra pre-date the science of symmetry and by how much?

Was Esher inspired by the Alhambra or other structures like it?

From Wikipedia:
M. C. Escher's visit in 1922 inspired his following work on regular divisions of the plane after studying the Moorish use of symmetry in the Alhambra tiles.