Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dyslexic Thoughts

Being dyslexic can often mean apologizing for others mistakes assuming they are yours before discovering the truth and feeling like it’s too late to correct the misunderstanding.
-MS - 16 Apr 2018

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

IUMA! Oh, the things you forget...

My wife and I were watching Halt& Catch Fire the other night and they mentioned IUMA with sent me back! I had totally forgotten. Just Now I was clearing old email and came across a note which I mention my band was charting on IUMA and had hit #31. Nice! Wish I had a screen shot.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Things to remember...

I have rarely met a person from whom I had absolutely nothing to learn.
-MS 2018

Kids need scary tech stories...

As adults, We have Black Mirror and Electric Dreams, but is anyone producing kids shows that act as a cautionary tale about tech run amok? They arguably are the ones who need to be warned.

The Phillip K. Dick version of goosebumps.

Brains continue to develop into the mid 20’s

Although this seems to be true...
I think the important thing to remember is that it is likely that brain development could be described as a progression with a slowing curve rather than a switch. You mature gradually and should be given respect befitting your age as well as be expected to show a similar amount of responsibility.  I think we are not giving young people the respect and responsibility that they deserve and crave and then suddenly we snap our fingers and ask them to be completely mature. That’s a tough thing to ask of them.

We should not use this science as an excuse to treat young adults as kids or let them use it as an excuse to act like children. 

AI should be different from us

We are trying too hard to make AI “relatable “, instead we should be making it as different from us as we can stand. In any form it takes, even below average humans and children should be able to easily tell that they are communicating with something artificial. Don’t strive to make it hard to detect with a Turing style test, don’t give it gender, don’t make it sound like a kind and friendly human pal who is there to solve your customer support problems. NO! It should stand apart from us and the line should be dead simple and clear by custom and perhaps by law. If we don’t differentiate NOW, I can see a time when the tech will get away from average people and be used to manipulate and control the masses. Understand, I am not as worried about the AI acting badly as I am about how humans will misuse it.

All those SciFi cautionary tales about people being addicted to virtual worlds may be on to something.

Just watched demos for DirectX 12 Raytracing and it occurs to me that what is driving tech development is our mad rush to escape reality.

Wacky Dads!

Surprising how often "good involved dads" in movies and TV also happen to be "wacky misunderstood inventors"... hmmmm.

The internet is NOT REAL LIFE! said the troll back in 2001.

I found this text clipping I saved from Tuesday, November 20, 2001 at 2:00 AM in my old files today.

Person trying to justify vile behavior online back in 2001:
“People flame because of the way people act.  This is the Internet, not real life.  Some people just cant fathom the idea that the 2 are different.”  

What I wrote in response:
"Um, HOW is the Internet different that RL? The Internet is just a form of communication.... nothing more, nothing magical; it’s not an alternate reality.

Its just a jazzed up walkie talkie.

So by your logic, if some one called your house and spewed vulgar insults then that would be ok because the phone is "not real"? 

The statement that the Internet is "not RL" sounds allot like primitive superstition to me.  Much like a remote tribe of people 40 years ago that thought photography would seal your soul! lol...

Wake up! Acting anti-social is just that. Doing it on the internet in the future will be seen as no different than doing it by mail. 

So get a head start now and act like a human being in ALL communications with other human beings. The anonymity of the Internet is an illusion. Everyday that passes you are more and more a citizen here just as you are walking down the street, bound by the rules of society.



I wonder if that person feels the same these days? Please take note of how even back in 2001 I rarely hid my identity online. I stood behind my words. If I published something, I meant it! I wish other people had set the same standard for themselves. we might be living in a different world now.