Tuesday, April 10, 2018

AI should be different from us

We are trying too hard to make AI “relatable “, instead we should be making it as different from us as we can stand. In any form it takes, even below average humans and children should be able to easily tell that they are communicating with something artificial. Don’t strive to make it hard to detect with a Turing style test, don’t give it gender, don’t make it sound like a kind and friendly human pal who is there to solve your customer support problems. NO! It should stand apart from us and the line should be dead simple and clear by custom and perhaps by law. If we don’t differentiate NOW, I can see a time when the tech will get away from average people and be used to manipulate and control the masses. Understand, I am not as worried about the AI acting badly as I am about how humans will misuse it.

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